Whether your interest is art, food, wine, living unforgettable experiences, or a combination of all of this, we
can make it possible with our vehicles
. Discover the most beautiful places in Italy with the help of our professional drivers. Our vehicles will guarantee comfort and safety. Remember that we are not a travel agency, but we can provide drivers who will take you to some of the best places and give you information and assistance to make sure you enjoy your time with us. Choose our services to make your trip unforgettable.

Discover Italy with BTour and his services, travelling around country roads flanked by cypresses,
tasting culinary delicacies in old farms, admiring cultural attractions
through city of arts and medieval villages.


You will be able to visit the outlets of the worldwide known best brands, where they create and produce, using the knowledge and experience of the Italian manufacture, what we see in the shop windows of the most famous shopping streets.
We will bring you to the most famous outlets of central Italy where you will be able to buy Italian and international brands at very convenient prices.

Prada, The Mall, Cuccinelli are some of the famous brands that open their outlets and where you will find high quality products to buy.


Italy is a land of fashion, food, wine but also of luxury cars.
In the Modena area, in Emilia Romagna, a few kilometers from each other, it is possible to visit and above all hear the roar of the powerful Ferrari, Ducati and Lamborghini engines.
Each house has its own museum, and tracks where, if you like, you can experience the thrill of speed.


Parmesan is one of the most famous cheeses in the world and unfortunately one the most imitated.
Between Reggio Emilia and Modena dozens of dairies open their doors and allow you to visit and understand how this cheese is born and above all to taste it.
Together with Parmesan, what’s better than balsamic vinegar.
The best known “Acetaie” are open to visits and especially to tastings.


Our service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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